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Кафедра языкознания и лингводидактики

(8-017) 311-22-24, внутренний 380

Кафедра белорусской и зарубежной литературы

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Кафедра иностранных языков

Заведующий кафедрой

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The faculty of Philology is one of the oldest faculties of the Belarusian State Pedagogical University.

Education in the area of Philology has been accessible since the date the University was founded.

Nowadays the academic process is maintained by 3 departments (4 year programme):

  • Linguistics and Linguodidactics
  • Belarusian and Foreign Literature
  • Foreign Languages

Dean of the Faculty – STARICHENOK Vasily Denisovich, Professor, Doctor of Philology

Faculty departments:

  • Department of Linguistics and Linguodidactics
  • tel. +375 (17) 327-80-44
    e-mail: lingby@gmail.com
    Head – Associate Professor DZIATKO Dmitri Vasilevich
    The main goals of the department is to increase the practical orientation of student training and update the academic content of teaching the Russian and Belarusian Languages; to develop a contemporary framework of academic support for fine-tuning language skills of future teachers.
    The objectives of the department are:
  • designing course syllabi;
  • course and syllabus development;
  • cooperation with other educational establishments an institutes.


tel. +375 (17) 327-78-14
Head – Associate Professor MISHCHANCHUK Iryna Nikolaeva
The purpose of the department is to train teachers of the Belarusian and Russian Languages and Literature developing high standards of professional skills and moral values.

The objectives of the department are:

  • implementation of the strategic objectives of BSPU;
  • facilitation of educational, research and methodological activity;
  • improvement of academic and social processes of the department;
  • carrying out research within the area of interests of the department;
  • in-service education for the staff;
  • developing, testing and implementing syllabi for elective disciplines for undergraduate and graduate students;
  • implementation of the informational technologies in the academic process.


  • Department of Foreign Languages
  • tel. +375 (17) 327-75-46
    e-mail: lingva2006@bspu.by
    Head – Associate Professor SHYMANSKAYA Olga Yurievna
    The Department of Foreign Languages provides teaching in 7 foreign languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Latin) for 9 faculties and 2 institutes of the Belarusian State Pedagogical University, as well as for graduate and post-graduate students. It takes an interdisciplinary approach in its pursuit of conducting educational and translational research-informed professional development with the goal of improving teaching and learning in Belarus and beyond.
    The objectives of the department are:
  • ensuring sustainable development of the department;
  • ensuring high quality training for students to gain a firm grounding in foreign languages and develop their language competencies;
  • methodological support of teaching foreign languages for specific purposes (study guides, workshops, electronic dictionaries, training manuals, etc.)
  • implementation of the computer assisted language learning and teaching in the academic process
  • organization of conferences, seminars, online conferences for pre-service and in-service education;
  • supervising students’ academic research to develop their professional interests and horizons.

Full-time faculty staff

  • 106 staff members, of which: 9 Doctors of Sciences, 48 Doctoral Candidates

Programmes and specialties:

Bachelor's degree

  • 1 - 02 03 01 Belarusian Language and Literature;
  • 1 - 02 03 03 Belarusian Language and Literature. Foreign Language (English, Chinese);
  • 1 - 02 03 02 Russian Language and Literature;
  • 1 - 02 03 04 Russian Language and Literature. Foreign Language (English, Chinese, Italian).

Master's degree

1 – 08 80 02 Theory and methodology of teaching and upbringing (Foreign languages);
1 – 21 80 11 Linguistics (Russian language, Belarusian language);
1 – 21 80 10 Literary Studies (Russian language, Belarusian language).

Scientific and Education Centers:

  • means of transmitting expressivity in language and speech;
  • modern literary process at the reception of future teachers;
  • linguistic and culturological aspect of language learning at a university;
  • spiritual and moral potential and artistic features of outstanding US literature.

Main research areas of the departments (scientific schools):

  • Representation of secondary nominations in language (supervisor Professor V.D. Starichenok);
  • Scientific paradigms of modern linguistics (supervisor Professor A.A. Girutsky);
  • Functional grammar (supervisor Professor I.P. Kudrevatykh);
  • Belarusian dialectology and linguistic geography (supervisor Associate Professor P.A. Mikhailov).

International conferences held by the Faculty:

  • Language and Intercultural Communication ( in cooperation with the Faculty of Philology of Lithuanian Educological University);
  • Maxim Tank’s Reading;
  • National Language and Culture: Aspects of Interaction;
  • Pushkin and World Culture.

Conferences deal with the actual problems of philology, linguistics and humanitarian studies, the problems of language teacher education, issues of content, standards of knowledge, organization of research and independent work, use of modern methods in teaching languages and language-associated subjects.

We are open for cooperation in the research areas of mutual interest.


Our contacts:
18 Sovetskaya St.

Minsk 220030, Belarus

tel. +375 (17) 200-84-85 (Dean);
tel. +375 (17) 327-79-66 (Dean’s office).